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Growing up in a godly home I heard the gospel often at home and church.  I accepted Christ at Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp during my elementary years though assurance of my salvation didn’t come until my freshman year of Bible college.  

I remember thinking on the gospel and all of a sudden everything clicked.  God promises that if we put our faith in the work of Jesus Christ He will forgive us of our sins and give us eternal life.  God cannot lie.  I knew that I truly did trust in the death, burial, and resurrection for my salvation and by God’s promise of grace I was saved.  Since then, I have not doubted my salvation because of the Word of God.

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is a wife that puts Jesus first in her life.  Rachel felt called to be a pastor’s wife and had decided to wait until God would bring that man into her life.  She has been such a blessing to me and our church.  

We also have been blessed with Benjamin, Carrie, and Ava.  We are excited to see the future that God has for them.  
Call to

At my high school graduation, I had the opportunity to give a speech.  I wrestled with what to speak on and finally for some reason I decided to speak on doing more for God.  The problem was that at that time I was not.  So before I gave the speech, I promised God that I would serve Him first no matter what occupation I pursued.  I also, told the Lord that if he wanted me to go into the full-time ministry he would have to change my desires because there was no way that I wanted to be a pastor.


I originally had wanted to go into business at a secular university but decided to attend Heritage Baptist College for one year.  While there I began serving in a local church by ministering to kids that lived in poverty. Slowly over time, I began to see that God had changed my desires. More than anything, I now wanted to serve God as a pastor.


Since then, I have seen God continue to grow me in my calling.  He has given me the inner conviction that He has called me to serve Him with my life.  I have no desire for anything else.


To see my resume and more of my ministry experience, click here


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